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1. Step-Keyword research

I talked about this two days ago, but again it is crucial to choose the right keywords, analyze your competition and potential traffic. Just a quick thought. The more specific you are, the more qualified visitors you will get. So when choosing the keywords consider that not necessarily the keywords which have the most searches are the biggest value to you.

2. Step-Site Design

Concentrate on the content. When doing this do not pay too much attention about where you use the keywords. Just write valuable content and do not include flash.

3. Sitemap

When you built up your whole site, it is time to create a good sitemap which links to all of your pages, and have brief info about what those pages are about.

4. Keyword Analyzing

When your site and sitemap is ready, read your whole site and concentrate on the keywords you would like to optimize for. Check how many times, in which format, they appear. Follow the instructions I gave you in my On-Page optimization article.

5. Image ALT text

Little trick. Include your most important keyword in you LOGO’s Image Alt text because most likely that is the first thing, the search engine robot will see.

6. Meta Tags

Remember? They are in the Header section in your HTML code. In my oppinion it is absolutely optional to use them or not. Some of you who don’t like HTML just skip them however if you would like to use them, make sure you do it right! Do not overdo it. Include about 15-20 keywords in the meta keywords tag. From this 15-20 2-3 should be your main keywords. This way the keyword density will be ok. Right a brief info in the meta description tag about your site’s topic. This will appear when a search engine shows your site after somebody searched for your main keywords.

7. Off-Page Optimization

I highly recommend to use those tools I talked about yesterday. They will make this process much much more easier however you can do this by yourself also. Remember that relationships in web based business are as important as in off-line business. Build frindships and business partnerships while doing this part. Believe me, it will be profitable!

8. Search Engine Submission

Do not fall for cheap tricks like “We submit your site to thousands of Search Engines!”! There are only 3 search engines you would like to focus on! These are MSN, Google, and Yahoo. You can do the submission manually from their sites but if you have Axandra’s IBP, it will do this step for you also. Or if your Link Popularity Improvment strategy were correct you might be indexed by them already!

9. More Tips and tricks

I will discuss these in more detail tomorrow, but to name a few: Submit your articles to Article Directories, Subscribe to forums related to your topic and put your site in the signiture. Search for site’s which are relevant to yours (hopefully you’ve done this already while Off-Page Optimization) and advertise with Banners on them or exchange banners with their webmasters.

Thats it for today. I hope you enjoyed what you read, and that I could help you to put together the whole picture.


This area is focused on natural (organic) listings within search engines.
These are very popular because they drive roughly 3-10 times more traffic and
are extremely cost effective. On the negative side, there are no, and can be no,
guarantees for placement at a specific
position – what position you get is only partially up to the SEO – the search
engine makes the rules. We are just really good at understanding the rules and
working with them.

If you are looking for the more expensive, but far more accurate and predicable
paid listings within search engines, then please go to our
Search Engine Marketing (PPC) area.

In general a truly successful website uses both organic SEO and paid SEM
for their overall marketing internet marketing strategy.

SEO Analysis Report

Our Top Seller! McAnerin International tends to work with world class organizations
and governments that already have talented people working on their website.
These people usually know the basics of SEO, but can’t afford to spend 4-6
hours a day doing nothing but SEO research and training to keep up like we do. Now, they
don’t have to.

You can have McAnerin International create an SEO analysis report for your site that
encompasses every aspect of SEO, from links to technical setup to
cross-browser and usability testing. The report not only contains detailed
instructions on SEO, it also contains detailed information on how to fix any
problems found.

Many of our clients have told us that it’s basically a personalized SEO
training manual
and that we should publish it. If you get report, and
then put us on retainer to answer questions as needed, you can save a lot of
money while maintaining complete control over your site. This service is the
one we usually perform for government websites and other SEO and website
design firms.

International SEO Services
We are especially skilled in international search engine optimization –
if some or all of your customers are in a different country – we can help!
Translations, keyword research, localization – everything you need to make
your website available to your target country.
Full Service
SEO Services
SEO is the core function of McAnerin International – it’s what we do. A full
service international search engine optimization firm, McAnerin
International can help promote your website
anywhere in the world.
Website Promotion
Website promotion is different from SEO in that it looks beyond the
search engines for promotional methods. Email, newsletters, and traditional
media can all be used to promote your website, and in turn this website
promotion can be used to promote your business.
Link Building
Link building is a very important part of any internet promotion. Link
popularity, link saturation, linking campaigns, and link analysis are all
key factors in your search engine rankings. We do not use automated tools
for link building – it’s all done by hand, using the top resources and our
cutting edge link research techniques. We evaluate every single link we get
to your website based on 9 separate criteria, in order to make sure it works
as hard for you as we do. We can even offer text link broker services to
some clients.
SEO Content Writing (aka SEO Copywriting)
It’s easy to stuff keywords into text – but that makes it very difficult
to convert your visitors into customers.  Let real search science be
the background for your keyword strategy. Real knowledge leads to real
Of course, once you have the keywords to bring the qualified visitors
in, you need them to actually convert to customers! This site is written in
a manner intended to appeal to technically minded decision makers, but we
can also write in order to appeal to youth, technophobes, specific gender or
age groups, various cultures, or almost any other marketing demographic you
may require for your site.
Competition Report – Competitive
According to Sun Tzu in The Art of War, the key to success in
battle is to first make yourself invincible, then look for vulnerabilities
in the enemy. You can’t stop your online opponents from doing a good job,
but it makes good tactical sense to know what they are doing right (so you
can copy or improve on it) and what they are doing wrong (so you can target
those weaknesses). McAnerin International can create a competition report that outlines the
strengths and weaknesses of your major competition, along with detailed
advice on how to use that information to your advantage.
Press Release SEO
A good press release can help promote your website very effectively. Not
only do you get your announcement in front of bloggers, writers and
journalists, if you organize it right and use the proper methods, those
press releases are often posted on other great sites that can provide
excellent, on-topic links to you. You get on-topic links, natural click-throughs,
branding and many other benefits just from one well-designed PR. Ian
McAnerin has a traditional press background (in addition to his other,
rather eclectic, odd and numerous talents) and can help you write a press
release that appeals to both search engines and trained journalists.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is extremely important to any website or blog.  The higher the search engines rank your website the more website traffic gets directed to your web site, which you will hopefully be able to convert into loyal users.

Although SEO can get quite complex, there are simple things you can do yourself to ensure that your business website ranks higher in search engines for specific keywords.   The first thing you need to do is to define the keywords and phrases you want to optimize for.

1. Define Keywords

Use a keyword research tool such as Overture to find the best key words and phrases for your website.  Think of the keywords that your customers would use when searching for your information.

2. Optimize Each Page for those Keywords

The second step of the search engine optimization process is to optimize each one of your web pages for specific keywords that you want that page to rank well for.

There are two types of Search Engine Optimization: On-page optimization & Off-page optimization.  Here are some do it yourself tips for on-page and off-page optimization.

On-page Optimization

  • Page Title – include ONLY the main keywords in the title
  • Use an <h1> header tag somewhere at the top of your page with some of your keywords.  Google ranking algorithm considers the text in between the <H1> tag as more important than the content on the rest of the page.
  • Use an <h2> header tags for all of the sub-headers on your page with some of your keywords.  The text between the <h2> header tags are also given more weight than the content on the rest of the page.
  • Sprinkle your main keywords throughout your content copy.  Mention keywords in a natural way as you are writing.
  • Bold, Italicize, and Underline SOME of the keywords to make them stand out.  The algorithm and also gives these tags more ranking weight.
  • Include <alt> image tags to provide an alternative text description of your image.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization consists of all of the ranking factors search engines consider that are NOT done on your webpage.  These include the amount of incoming links from related sites with a high PR (PageRank) and with your keywords in the anchor text.

  • Search engines “rate” your credibility based on the number of incoming links that you have.  To check who links to your website, go to google.com and type the following into the search box:
  • To build your inbound links you have to write great content so users link to your information/articles/posts.  Also exchange links with relevant websites.
  • Search engines also take into consideration PR (Page Rank) of the website that links to you.  The higher the website’s page rank that links to you, the more credible your website is considered, the more your website benefits from that inbound link. To check what a website’s page ranking is, I recommend installing a google toolbar, which will automatically show the ranking of the website you are on near the browser menu.
  • Search engines put a significant amount of weight on the anchor text of your incoming links.   This means people need to use your keywords when linking to you.

Implementing these simple SEO strategies can help your website rank higher on search engines and to maintain that ranking.

Also check out the Online SEO Tools Guide published by  Search Engine Journal. It discusses a lot of the free web-based SEO tools that are available to help you optimize your website.

Top Ways to Get Free Traffic to your Website

Every day I see posts on how to get traffic to your website. Of course there are many paid ways such as Google Adwords, Yahoo, etc which offer PPC (Pay Per CLick) advertising. These companies made millions per year…even BILLIONS selling this type of advertising. I have to admit I use them. There is no easier, faster way to get immediate traffic to a website than using one of these paid services. You can get people looking at your site in minutes. But not every webmaster has the funding to pay for this. So let’s talk about some of the best ways I have found to get traffic to your website that is free except for the time invested.

1. Social Bookmarking

This is by far the best way as of now. With so many services such as del.icio.us, DIGG and others, it is important that any new website have the capability of letting USERS submit the website and content to others. A big mistake is to do this yourself. It helps…but in the long run it is a bad idea. There are so many scripts around to put social bookmarking links on your site. Think web 2.0.

2. Articles

Tedious but works so well. Write articles about your subject website. Then write more articles. And lastly write more articles. Put some on your site but reword them from any you send to article directory sites. I usually only send to one or two article directory sites unless I mix up and rewrite the article.

3. Blogging

Search engines LOVE blogs. Search engines LOVE frequently updated blogs. Can you see a trend here? You must write and write more. If you cant write find some PLR content and rewrite it. Do not just slap it up there. Blogs are awesome for traffic. I am really getting into this one and others by posting daily or almost daily. I check the stats and see the Googlebot coming every day. That means that Google is spidering my site for new content! Awesome!

4. Make Videos

This is one I do not do but I am camera shy ) Make some videos about the topics on your site and post to YouTube and other places but make sure somewhere in the video is your website name. Make a intro screen and exit screen with your URL.

5. Forum Help

I know this seems obvious but posting in forums and posting HELPFUL info is great for driving traffic. Make sure to have a good signature link to your site. You would be surprised how many people click it! But you must provide SOLID VALUED info. Do not just post one line answers. Help someone out. The more people you help, the more you will grow. I firmly believe in giving as much free info as possible and to help others out. You will be rewarded in the end.



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